I am just a mom who wants to share my path through parenting world. I was raised in a very authoritarian enviroment. though my parents truly believed they were doing their best for us, they were not wise in a lot of tactics they used to discipline me and my siblings.

I want to break the chain. I don’t want to repeat with my child the same mistakes my parents made in behalf of thinking I am doing my best. I love my parents. Despite all the harsh punishments I went through, I love them. For the most part, we were able to sort things out and I do believe they are truly sorry for the mistakes they made. However, I still carry a lot of sadness for the experiences I lived. Mostly because it makes me wonder what would be different today if we had walked a different path.

I don’t want my child to be raised wondering if the next time she misbehaves she will get spanked with a belt, or if she is being followed around everywhere she goes, neither if I’ll lie to her just so I can get her on something she shouldn’t have done. I want her to trust me and her father. I want her to know that no matter what we will listen to her, respect her, and love her. We will be firm on our discipline, reasonable and will hold high expectations for her. She will be held accountable for her mistakes, but we will help her understand the lessons in it and figure out how to solve her problems.

We will lose our cool from time to time, I will still yell when my lid flips open. But I will keep working on doing my best. My husband will keep working on doing his best. In the end, we will have raised a responsible, well-adjusted young woman.

It is not my goal to tell people how to raise their children. I do, however, would like to use this blog to spark conversation about positive parenting. Any experience shared in here only comes from my point of view and personal experience. Not a large sample for a study that could make my statements to be used widely. I am just a mom, raising my girl, trying to figure out what works and what it doesn’t on how to raise her.